Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Aubrie and Corinne met in high school and later were co-workers for many, many, many years at Subway. Despite the distance placed between them because of school, jobs, and moves, their relationship has only strengthened. One of their most memorable experiences will always be the road trip they took back in 2014 when they melted a car engine and had to take the budget bus home. We are so lucky to not only have Aubrie standing beside us on our wedding day but to have her standing beside us in life. She is not only the person you rely on to tell you the truth, no matter what, but also supports you implicitly and lifts you up when you need it.



Jackie and Corinne found each other on the Roger Williams Law School roommate registry in the summer of 2014. After an extended lunch and a viewing of a literal death trap apartment, they were destined to live together. In the short time they lived together, there were some serious ups and a few downs; specifically, having to flee their beautiful apartment in the middle of the night only to end up living in what can only be described as a hobbit home. However, surviving death threats from neighbors only brought them closer together. Despite living in separate time zones, Jackie is the person Corinne can always vent to, start diets with (and subsequently cheated on), and can count on to be there either in person or in spirit.



Peyton is Corinne’s youngest cousin and goddaughter. Corinne has known Peyton for all of her life and has been able to watch her grow from a happy, playful toddler to a beautiful young woman. Some of Corinne’s fondest memories are when she babysat for Peyton and they would stage and record Barbie fashions shows on Corinne’s phone. Now older, Corinne and Peyton have a shared love of make-up, YouTube videos, and Ariana Grande. It’s hard to believe that little girl Corinne used to watch will be standing with us at our wedding, but we couldn’t be happier.


Flower Girl

Hanaleia is the beautiful daughter of Auri and Daniel Hartz. Although Auri and Dan first came into Matthew’s life as friends of his sister Rachel, they are now very close to all of the Thomas’ and they are considered to be part of the family. Hanaleia brings her bright smile and energy to everything that she does, and it is a joy to watch her grow up. It is our pleasure to have the youngest member of our family participate on this day.


Best Man

Phil and Matthew met during their freshman year of high school when they had almost all of the same classes. They bonded over a shared love of sports, music, theatre, and WWE wrestling; something just clicked and they became an inseparable duo quite quickly. Over time, they realized that they had even more in common, both coming from strong, supportive families who would do anything to support their children. Phil is the most caring and trustworthy compatriot and confidant that anyone could ask for, and he has the unique ability to bring out the best in everyone that gets the honor of knowing him. Even more, Phil’s relationship with his incredible wife Keslie is a continuing example of a successful partnership. The title of “best man” could not be bestowed upon a more fitting individual.



Matthew met Annie on the first day of summer practice for the high school marching band. Having just moved to the area, Matthew did not know a soul and Annie was one of the first people to take the time to make him feel as if he had been a part of the community for years. Their friendship developed over the next few years, and has grown deeper as they have become adults. Annie is such a great friend, because not only is she always ready for some kind of adventure, but also genuinely cares about how your life is going. We are so excited having Annie be a part of our day after having us as a part of her wedding to her husband RJ.



Matthew and Paul met in the fall of 2006 as members of the Tufts University a cappella group, the Beelzebubs. Hours and hours of rehearsals and van rides allowed for them to get to know each other’s past histories and future goals, and they recognized that they were kindred spirits. Paul is such a sincere individual who cares deeply for his family, friends, and community, and he is the life of the party in every room that he steps into. A husband to Fiorella and father to Gabriel, Paul is always there for advice and support, and we are so lucky to have him stand beside us on our wedding day.
Katy Shen